Online input manager and screen sharer.


This project I've made on my own, because I wanted to play Soccer Physics from home with somebody else.

Input Hive is a server client application. Clients can connect to the server by filling in the IP address and can then send keys to the server. The server can change what keys can be send per client and how much time the client has to wait before being able to send the next one.
For example: You want to play Soccer Physics with your buddy, but the game can only be locally played on 1 pc. The controls for this game are A+D and ← and →. So you start up the Input Hive server and only allow the keys A and D to be "sent" to the computer. Then you call your buddy on skype and start Screen sharing. Next your buddy starts up the Input Hive client and connects to your server. Now whenever your buddy presses the keys A and D, they get sent to your computer and you can play the game together.

Current sitation
I still have to clean this project up since this project was created really quickly. There are still alot of keys that cannot be send to either the server or the PC.