Hello, I am Lorenzo Suiker and I study Software Engineering and Game Development at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven.

On this website you'll find some my projects for Software Engineering as well as Game Development that I made alone or with other students.

Below some projects



A game where you try to solve the mathematical equation using a balance board, while also improving your balance and have a tiny excercise.

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TEDx Veghel: The Game

Mobile game where you have to spread your idea across The Netherlands. In this game you try to become a TEDx speaker by making the right choices and get as many followers as possible.

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Pogo Frogo

Physiotherapy game for the Pillo we made during the Pillo Summer Jam 2015. This game was designed to meet the physiotherapist's needs by allowing him to create a session specifically designed for his patient.

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Project M

A fitness game we created as a group project at Fontys. It is alot like Mario Party, except you have to jump on the trampoline in mini-games and to move your character on the board.

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Input Hive

A software package like TeamViewer, only the server controls which keys what client can send, how often. There is also chatting functionality and screensharing.

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